About the Survey

Welcome to the 2017 Treasure Coast Regional Household Travel Survey (TC-HTS) website, sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 4.

The 2017 Treasure Coast Regional Household Travel Survey is being conducted in order to understand how we travel to work, school and other locations on a daily basis. By joining other Treasure Coast residents in completing this survey, you will help transportation engineers and planners in FDOT District 4 and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)/Transportation Planning Organization(TPOs)  improve our roads, reduce traffic congestion and provide safer sidewalks and bicycle lanes. These improvements to our transportation system will make our community stronger, safer and more economically vibrant. Whether you travel from place to place by car, bus, bicycle or any other mode, your participation in this study will inform the transportation decisions made over the next many years.
If you received our invitation to participate in the survey, it is because your household was randomly selected by the FDOT to participate in this valuable study.